The Sandagers on Sunday Morning

Jess was special to me from the moment I met her.  Partly because of her beautiful children and family work.  Partly because of her thoughts on art and photography.  But mostly because we just instantly resonated.  I will always remember that summer night on the rooftop of moto-i, that feeling of "i know you" about 10 minutes into meeting for the first time.  How she told me she felt that we create art from the same place and I knew exactly what she meant.

I admit that I live my life with a few regrets, and one is that when I moved from Salt Lake City to Minneapolis, I didn't photograph my dearest friends.  So when I planned my move to Seattle, I knew I had to photograph Jess and her beautiful family.

We spent a sunday morning in her brightly colored home with bacon and pancakes, footie pajamas, American Sign Language, dancing to The Carpenters, lots of squealing and running through the house with a few calm moments sprinkled in.
And in those calm moments, I see a mother's gentle but powerful love for her daughters.  Looking through the images later, that floored me.
It was an absolute delight.

And while I miss my friend, these photos make it easier.  In her space with the ones she loves most.

(Thank you for viewing my work.  I know there are way too many photos, but I'm a storyteller and couldn't bring myself to pare this session down.)