(from my Flickr stream)


  Kim Long of Kim Long Photography  says:

    "Love is a concept that is beyond words. It is difficult, if impossible, to define, and yet Winona does it with her photography. While many photographers can manage the occasional evocative shot, the photostream of lostinawood runneth over with images that are so palpably full of love, they reach out and grab your heart and take you with them to that place... that elusive place where love needs no definition, no philosophy, no scrutiny. Love just is. And it is wonderful.

    What a gift. Thanks for sharing it."


    Sheila Higgins of Sheila Higgins Photography says:

    "Winona's photos are to the eyes what poetry is to the ears.

the beauty and grace you'll find in her stream is unequaled."


    Alpana Aras of Storybox Art says:

    "Nona's work is such a breath of fresh air. Her style is so unique and her. She has been such an inspiration and showed me a different way to look at the world- not just in color and b/w but in wonderful vintage/cross processed subtle shades and in between."


    Detra Perotti of Photography by Detra says:

    "I love coming to Winona's stream ! So inspirational. Every image tells a story. When I look at her work ... I feel powerful emotion. She creates such a unique style that's not over done. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent. So humble & sweet!"


    Martha Schuster of i see the moon photography says:

    "pure, clean, emotive. i can honestly say that winona's work is unlike any other that i've seen. it's fresh, real and personally hers. i've had the pleasure of meeting nona, and it's clear to see that her work and images speak about her deep soul. so many times when nona shows me the world as she sees it, i have never looked at it the way she does. i love seeing as she sees it. i come to her stream, or site and blog to see things a bit clearer for that day - to find the beauty in all that she holds dear. you have touched me in many ways nona. thanks for sharing with me."


    Kathy Wolfe of Kathy Wolfe Photography says:

    "Her work takes me breath away and leaves me speechless. Its magic moments, heartfelt images and divine art that only Winona can create."


    Ashley Skjaveland of Ashley Skjaveland Photography says:

    "Winona makes the "ordinary", look so romantic and beautiful. Her images show me things, I carelessly overlook in my own world. She makes me want to find this beauty in my own life..... I love seeing through your eyes."


Bridget Smith says:

    "pure. perfection. beautiful inside and out."


    Jeanette LeBlanc of peace.love.free and Jeanette Le Blanc Photography says:

    "As I read through the testimonials already written for Winona, I see that others have used the words truth and honesty, and there is a reason for that.

    Winona's is a rare photographer whose images always reflect her vision - when I look at her pictures I feel as if I am seeing the world through her eyes, experiencing her emotions, peeking into her life.

    Her talent is real, raw and pure, both youthful and ancient all at the same time. I know her to be a devoted mother, a seeker of truth, a compassionate soul. When I look through Winona's stream I don't see exposure, or focus or depth of field, what I see is her heart."


    Joleen Pete of Love, Joleen says:

    "Winona has opened my eyes to an entirely new world of beauty. Her images speak directly to my soul- symbolizing peace, innocence, and love."


    Leah Zawadzki of Leah Zawadzki Photography says:

    "i love winona style. love it. period."


    Michelle Black of Michelle Black Concepts says:

    "Such a classic, simple, REAL style to her photographs. A lot of honesty in her work; I feel right at home every time I browser her stream :D"


    Elisabeth Eden of Elisabeth Eden Photography says:

    " I've put off writing a testimonial for Winona..I know..shame on me. I was just worried I wouldn't be able to say what I really thought about her work. Winona is in her own class...really. While everyone else strives to get "pretty" images...or comments..lol..Winona's images SPEAK. Everytime I see one of her photos...I feel like trying to write something much deeper than "great shot." :) So Winona, more than anything else, your photos provoke feelings...it's really a breath of fresh air coming to your stream! :)"


    Hannah Robinson of Worlds Apart Studios says:

    "Winona is so good at capturing emotion and the real, true moments. I just love going through her stream, it is so inspiring, and so gorgeous..."


    Michele Anderson of PinkleToes says:

    "Pure, real, emotive, thought provoking, understated drama. Winona's work will make you question the way you view things and at the same time, be thankful to see the world through her eyes."


    Nicole Colinarez of Quill and Clay says:

    "There is one word to describe Winona's work.


    I have followed Winona's stream for the two years that I have been on Flickr and it has only gotten more creative and increasingly beautiful. Her work is the kind I aspire to create and I know for a fact that I'll never even come close.

    Aside from being a wonderful artist and photographer, she's an amazingly warm and sweet person.

    I have no doubts that she will change the world."


Lulu says:

    "Her photography is utterly inspiring...so true and real and faithful to life. Browsing her images is like finding lost treasures from long ago - truly magical."


    Madison Bartz of "That's Nice" Photography says:

    "Winona is one of my favorites on flickr. She so so amazingly beautiful and shes a wonderful photographer! Shes so creative and I love everything about her photos! I've learned alot from her talent in hopes to one day look through the lense and be able to see things the way she does! :)"


    Erin Vey of Erin Vey Photography says:

    "I am always fascinated by how the personality of a person is reflected directly into their work. Although we've never met, I feel like I know Winona through her stream. Deep, reflective, introspective, meaningful, and most importantly beautiful. I can't wait to see how she grows this next year in her business and I know the families in her area will appreciate her rich and beautiful work."


    Jason Silverstein of Jason Silverstein / Images says:

    "Beautiful photography from a talented photographer. Family-oriented. Great combo!"


Ashley Ruth says:

    "nothing but beautiful and honest photographs come out of her camera. i dont know her personally, but i can see what a strong woman and mother she is from her words and her photos. her pictures speak for themselves and you can't help but feel somewhat connected to the people that are in them. im glad ive discovered her."


    Veronique Moisan of Veronique Moisan Photographie says:

    "Winona's flickr stream resonates love. Each time she posts a photograph I think that it possibly can't get any more sweet or beautiful or lovely but she surpasses herself each time, bringing more and more smiles onto our faces each day. I am thankful to have crossed paths with Winona in this huge flickr world, for her each of her photographs bring a little bit of sunshine into our lives."


    Sam Scholes of Sam Scholes Photography says:

    "Winona is cool. She takes cool photos. She has a thoughtful eye for composition and color. She deftly uses depth-of-field and selective focus to draw our attention in and hold our interest. Her portraits capture people at their best and most beautiful. Winona's photography is inspiring. I like that.